A recent visit to the Panorama Punkt at the Kollhoff Tower here in Berlin became an eye-opener for me. It was only when I looked out over the city and realised how flat Berlin really is.

When I showed the photograph with a friend who had lived here before, she reacted in a similar manner. Then I pointed out that both our perspectives stem from the fact that we both lived in Asian cities that are literally skyscraper gardens. Take Hong Kong for example.

You would be hard put to finding housing that is not in a tall building, unless you had inherited one of the spectacular mansions high above the city. Or we can also take a look at Bangkok, a city fast catching up with Hong Kong.

Architectural contrasts fascinate me from a cultural perspective as well as photographic. Once again, the contrast between East and West is quite striking. Have a look at a European Gothic church and note the precision of the lines and repetitive patterns. For all their architectural perfection, many of the churches have fewer people attending the services.

Compare it to the intricate carvings of a Hindu Temple in South India that is active and alive.

The inherent contrasts of our world are a springboard for further exploration. They are an invitation to go beyond the comfort zone and discover new perspectives, systems, schools of thought, and culture. The architecture is just the beginning.