Secrets of the Night



Like any other city, Berlin puts on a different image at night. The magic begins at twilight, when the traffic slows down and the shops close for the day. 







When the sky turns dark, and the sun sets the cold and drab buildings suddenly light up and transform the streets into a showcase of fantasy and flamboyance. 








The offices are empty, except perhaps for a few souls who refuse to transfer from one emptiness to another. The streets fill with people hurrying home or to the evening date, skirting around the tourists who can't quite decide whether to point the camera up or down. 






But if you really want to witness human emotions at their rawest, hang around the train stations, regardless of whether they are the central stations or smaller underground stops. What you see is what you get. 





Impossible to tell whether people are coming or going - but it doesn't really matter. They are alive and on the move - that is all they care about.