Lost Places: Ghosts of Schöneweide (2)

The advantage of living in a city with so many fascinating non-touristy places is that if you are unhappy about the first set of photographs you took during the initial visit, you can always return to the scene of the photographic crime and re-do them, or in this case, shoot from a different angle.

Last Chance


A second chance.

Perhaps even a last chance. 


Because you know better now. 


Faded Glory



The first visit to the VEB Berliner Metallhütten und Halbzeugwerke (BMHW) in July of this year was my induction into the addiction of photographing lost places - and lost causes. The urgency and need to capture the images of places and people I know I might not see again in the same condition is staggering and debilitating, but also a force that propels me forward. 

Monkeying Around





The six months between visits to the BMHW brought about changes to the area that were disheartening. It is a bit more of a challenge to enter the area now, but access can still be gained if you find the right break in the fence.




Painful Perspectives




Sadly, there has been more destruction inside the three main buildings, and sooner rather than later, the bulldozers and cranes will invade and do their thing. So I am glad that I had this opportunity to still visit the abandoned factory before it disappears forever and nobody will even remember were it once stood. 

Uncertain Passage




The trick to enjoying such an exploration of lost places is to go with like-minded people, and it doesn't always have to be a photographer. However, exploring with another photographer certainly has its perks and It is always interesting for me to observe what catches the other person's attention. During the first visit it was all about spaces, light and shadows.


Ruined Plans






This time around it was more attention to detail,








Travel Interrupted 




and for me,



I understood what I was looking for.