Early Morning Commute

I don't mind getting up early, nor do I mind being on the road before at 7:30am, but doing so in winter when sunrise is only at 08:00, it is tough for an Asian soul. I miss the sun and dislike the bitter nordic winds that tear through any warm clothing. 



There are a lot of positive things that can be said about Berlin, but for the life of me I have nothing positive to say about winters in this city. Lately I have discovered a new meaning to "the crack of dawn", and decided to see if I could play around with the light a bit. I wanted to see if I could capture the cold and lonely morning along the road to my bus stop. It was supposed to be completely empty, but lo and behold, one of my neighbours stormed past me and added a bit of dimension to the image. He was walking at a pace I could only dream of keep up with, and if I could, I would certainly be warmer! 






Of all mornings, just when it started to drizzle and the winds were gusty as hell, the bus was late. Rather than stand around aimlessly, I took my chances and aimed the camera on the moving traffic, wishing against all odds that this would somehow speed up the process of the missing bus. It didn't, but at least I was distracted and managed to ignore the futility of having combed my hair earlier.