Writing and photography have always gone hand-in-hand along my life journey in an effort to weave dreams and tales into impressionable images.  

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Photography by Bernd P. Drawe and short stories by Theresa Herzog 

What began as an experimental collaboration between photographer Bernd Drawe (in Germany) and writer Theresa Herzog (Philippines) of interweaving talents for a single story grew into a full-blown series over several months, published online in blogs and photography communities. The images were not shot for the story, as the traditional path would have been. Instead, each story was woven specifically around a set of photographs. As the series evolved, the recurring characters led to the stories being interwoven with one another and the photographs ended up telling a completely different story from their original purpose as stand-alone images.

The INTERWOVEN stories belong to the crime and thriller genre, taking the reader on a roller coaster ride through several counties, chasing dreams, shadows and slippery criminals in disguise. It is fast-paced and compact, and the combination of the story with the powerful images leave a lasting impression long after the last page has been turned.

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life details

Photography by Hans Lukasse and reflections by Theresa Herzog 

Awareness and mindfulness of our surroundings are essential to finding equilibrium between body, mind, and soul. It is not just about the ability to perceive and understand, but also to look at the symbolisms and messages hidden in the most unexpected corners of life. This is not a book to be read in one sitting. There is no common thread that links the photographs other than life the interaction between the reader, the photographer, and the writer in a box outside the box.

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wings at dawn 

by Marie Balustrade

Journalist Alexander Adler returns to India to research a story on child prostitution and trafficking, only to end up embroiled in a situation far deeper than he ever imagined. Alex and his companions Julian Lopez and Mathew Cornwall weave their way through the darker corners of society and are entangled in a rescue mission that comes at a high price.

The first novel of Marie Balustrade dealing with social taboos, a fictional story set in a very real setting. The author draws from personal experience having lived in India for many years and acquired intimate knowledge of cultural nuances along the way.

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