The set-up: home office with printer, side board, plants and carpet.

The plan: there was none.

The result: major. 

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Sassy in Frankfurt

Champagne and I travelled over four hours by train to Frankfurt to meet up with my daughter. It was the briefest of interludes, but worth all the effort.

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All Roads Lead To Rome

The travel cat is on the move again! She has come to suspect bubble baths now, since she has gotten one each time we go on an extended trip i.e. outside of Berlin, but Champagne takes it all in stride and is at peace with the world of bath and transportation.

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Traveler Extraordinaire!

There is much truth to the stereotype that Italians are more expressive about their emotions and thoughts. Perhaps I am simply used to the more reserved and controlled Germans who will look at Champagne in her backpack with the slightest hint of amusement or skepticism, if not highly critically. 

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