Sassy in Frankfurt

Champagne and I travelled over four hours by train to Frankfurt to meet up with my daughter. It was the briefest of interludes, but worth all the effort. What wouldn't a mother do for her child? And by that I mean both human and feline! Whenever I book I hotel, I always make it a point to check that they are pet friendly, because Champagne loves to explore. She is perfectly happy to sit by the window and look out, if there is a view of there are lots of people to watch. But in the absence of a view (or presence of a wall) then she turns to the hallways. 

Sassy Heartbeat 





She got her first taste of hallway haunting in Munich, and that was a short stretch for her to walk up and down. Then she stuck her little nose into everyone's business in the BnB in Rome, much to the delight of the staff. But the recent stay in Frankfurt topped it all. 

Not quite the cleaning crew 










The long and interconnecting hallways were a fascination and the perfect alternative to the long hours of sitting quietly on the train. She got her exercise done, and even managed to charm her way with some guests she met. The housekeeping staff was happy to meet her as well, although it was a challenge to keep her out of the rooms that were being prepared for other guests. She jumped back when the vacuum cleaner slipped down and seemed to attack her, but that was nothing compared to the German Shepherd on the train she hissed at. 

Have suitcase, will travel








Champagne doesn't like sleeping on beds, even at home, but on top of, or inside a suitcase is a very different matter. It reassures her that we haven't left without her. 

Curtain Time








The open space concept of the hotel dining area was perfect for Champagne to hang round in. She had a window to spy on the dogs outside, watch the dreadful rain, or peek out at all the people at the other tables.




So yes, the diva was on the road again!