How Kessy Got Her Groove Back

It has been three days since Kessy came home from the Berlin Animal Shelter. She is still painfully thin and I can feel every bone in her body when I cuddle her, but she has understood that this is her forever home and is beginning to shed her shelter inhibitions. 



She has a healthy appetite, is showing her temper and drawing lines on what she allows others to do. Kessy may be 15 years old but she is still full of surprises. Yesterday evening I discovered that she loves to play with round things with string and sleeping in soft places. 







Once shy and hesitant, the senior cat, or Queen Mum as I call her now, is showing who is boss. Two months in a cage don't make her a sporty cat, but she is determined to jump onto sofas and beds even if she crashes into them a few times and tries to claw her way up. I end up helping her, and she accepts the help, rewarding me with a lick on the hand. 






She is extremely picky with her food, but she has an appetite and drinks a lot. Champagne tries her hardest to play and make friends, but Kessy needs more time to be a social butterfly. Today she got her voice back and I am discovering just how chatty she can be! There is a peaceful co-existence in this all-female home at the moment, and it does us all a world of good.


So yes, love, a friendly environment and a lot of affection are indeed the best medicine!