Two Weeks Later




It is our second weekend together as a family, and Kessy, Champagne and I have settled in together beautifully. Bonding with Kessy is absolutely no problem and the feeling seems to be mutual, because she has lost all shyness in asking for food, affection and attention. The first week she was very reluctant to sit on my lap, but she has (re-)discovered the joy of cuddling up on a tummy or lap on a cold winter's night. 








This was the first joint photo session with the two ladies. The original intention was to have them on the more colourful table for a brunch photoshoot, but the models had other plans. I started out with a pouting Champagne. 







and a faceplanting granny... (who ended in the same manner) 






Champagne tries very hard to make friends, and Kessy is finally letting her guard down and reciprocating. I will often find them in the same room now, and one always wants to know what the other is up to. Kessy is not always in the mood to play or to play rough, so she draws the line with a single hiss and that changes the course of things immediately. 









What is more rewarding and comforting to see is the friendship that is developing between the two cats. Now into the second week of living together, they have learned to coordinate and are genuinely interested in one another.