The Berlin Animal Shelter was eerily silent today, normally closed to visitors on Mondays and Tuesdays, but since I had made an appointment to pick up Kessy today, they let me in. The weather was absolutely perfect for taking home the little senior citizen and she seemed ready for it, purring the moment I picked her up. It was absolutely no problem to place her in the carrier, and when we passed by the vet for a final visit, we were given a bag full of cat food (her special renal food because Kessy has ailing and failing kidneys) and a litter box. This being a mercy adoption, there was no charge for any of the items. As I wrote in the previous entry, Kessy doesn't have much longer to live, and Death may arrive to collect her anywhere between four weeks and four months. These special animals just need a loving home to live out the rest of their days instead of slipping away in a lonely, cold cage. 





The car ride home was almost uneventful. It seems she doesn't mind vehicles and settled down, purring every once in a while when she remembered to stay awake. Upon arriving home, Champagne of course was extremely curious and was understandably a bit taken aback, especially since she recognised the carrier as her old one from Bangkok. Kessy was purring loudly but I didn't let her out immediately, allowing Champagne to sniff around and embrace the new scent. 






The first encounter between the two went as expected, with Champagne hissing and howling once, but there was no cat fight. Kessy just looked at her new housemate nonchalantly and marched right out to begin exploring the new surroundings. After living over two months in a cage, she is bit wobbly on her legs, but partly due to her age as well (15). 




The two ladies have settled down well with each other, and I can honestly see a friendship developing between the two of them once Champagne gets over her initial annoyance. Kessy's age really shows, as she will sit quietly like an old grandmother and fall asleep sitting up, or try to listen to you but sway gently into oblivion. I am reminded of the two geese I adopted in Delhi some years ago. The first night on our roof terrace all they wanted to do was stand the whole night and stare up into the sky, a serene enjoyment of freedom.




Kessy is the same way, rediscovering what it is like to live in a home and she understands it all. In gratitude, I got my forehead licked and my hand. She is affectionate, not afraid to ask for cuddles, and likes soft places. By the evening  the Queen Mum had her first pictorial!. 

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