The Four-Week-Hurdle

I was told I could have her only on borrowed time. As a mercy adoption, Kessy was supposed to come home and die, but four weeks later, my dear, dear Kessy is very much alive and better than ever.

Day 1 after coming home from the shelter





Photographs speak louder than words, let me just show you what we started with: 





Love heals





Now look at her, after unconditional love from one human, and the friendship of an emotionally-generous cat who has accepted her into our home without any fuss whatsoever. 







As far as health issues are concerned, I have experienced none of the behaviour that I was warned about, and sometimes I wonder whether I brought home the wrong cat. Sure, she is old and slow, and falls asleep in the middle of a conversation or cuddle, but other than that, she doesn't dirty the apartment with incontinence nor throw up endlessly. Quite the contrary, she is incredibly well disciplined and clean. 



If Kessy can survive the trauma and the horror of her life being completely torn apart, then so can I. There is so much to learn from this senior cat - her resilience and courage, and willingness to accept unconditional love. It could have gone completely in the opposite direction, but Kessy took things one day at a time, and I learned to be grateful for her little trot towards me every morning, followed by her gentle kiss on my hand. It is the gift of another day.