Lolita Bonita: Love Heals

Let me tell you a love story by way of photographs:



April 2018  - I brought home a terrified cat who had just been released from her second surgery to remove a tumour. She had spent years of neglect, had to be shaved to the bare minimum because of the knotted mess she had handed over to the animal shelter, and for her surgeries.







May 2018 - Lolita without her fur was always feeling cold, had a bad skin rash, and was almost impossible to hold or pet. I put on a pet surgical vest to prevent her from scratching and create more open wounds. We used a honey-based balm.







By June she had found her voice, her rash had vanished for the most part, and she began to open up to me, demanding affection and exclusive cuddle time. I also discovered she has the healthiest appetite among the three cats.





And this is Lolita today, after a good brushing (which she adores) and play time. I am proud of her, her fighting spirit, the determination not to miss out on another moment of luxury and love.




Love heals.