Prague Diaries: All In A Day's Walk



The day began with the hope of a perfect day. I looked out the window of the botel and smiled at the colours. 







Prague is definitely a city to discover on foot. There are so many details to focus your attention on, and if you are the type like me who prefers to walk off the beaten track, then you will find yourself surrounded by the most charming company. 

The last time I saw so many swans in on river was in Zurich, but that pales in comparison to Prague. I've never seen so many of them congregated in one spot, and as we walked further down the river, it seemed to be a regular thing. 




Bridges are my thing and I find them irresistible. I thought Florence was bridge heaven already, but Prague takes the cake. The plethora of bridges in this city is staggering and if I had my way - and all the time in the world - I would photograph each and every one of them. The famous Charles bridge is overrated, if you ask me, and far too crowded to get a decent shot, just like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. 






There are certain cities to be avoided during summer because the throngs of tourists just ruin the experience. Winter is tough on the bones and a hat is must for those of us who don't do well in temperatures below 15C, but winter offers you more space and time to take a shot from a location you really want to, and not something you had to settle for. 






The romance of water and enchanting architectural facades transported me to another dimension for the briefest of moments. I almost forgot about time, had it not been for all the people stopping behind me to photograph the cat on my back. 






By the end of the day I knew I had been blessed with an almost perfect dawn-to-dusk walk. While searching for a shortcut we wandered into a little stairway what gave me the best view of the Dancing House.