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I’ve been asked several times what my specialization in photography is, and I never have an answer. Photography is part and parcel of who I am, not a skill learned for some certification or artistic claim. It is as human to me as it is spiritual, full of imperfections in pursuit of equilibrium.

FrogDiva Photography is a dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness that seek depth in interwoven light and shadows. If you seek technical perfection in photographs, you have come to the wrong place. I harbor an utter disdain to center anything in the image other than my own emotions. The work you find in the following galleries is not art, will never pass through curation boards, nor do I apply artistic creativity to convert the original photograph into a collage. I do not believe in selfies or composite photography and when I process an image it is to enhance it, not to distort or veer too far away from reality. 

What I see is what you get, pure and simple. 

Most of the sections of this website are self-explanatory by their titles, except "Broken Wings". This particular collection of photographs are all part of a personal journey through depression, my battle through pain, grief and darkness. 

My current preferred camera is the Fuji X T10, but was enamoured with Canon for over a decade and raised exclusively on Nikon. I will not deny that I belong the the school of thought that finds iPhonography and Androidgraphy perfectly acceptable, especially when I have to travel light or simply forgot the camera. 

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